Golf Greens SpeedReader 
Mastering the art of the two-putt




2-n-1 Design Measures any golf green speed and is an ideal practice device
Size:  8"x2"x2" Easily fits inside any golf bag or golf kart
Hard Plastic Mold Long-lasting, waterproof, and resistent to wear and tear
Short Ramp Length Less distance required to measure golf greens
Folding Ramp Compact design; doubles as a 24" ruler
Support Tower Ensures accurate rolls from the same height and angle every time
Engraved Ruler No need to carry additional measuring equipment
Greens Speed Guide Provides a scientific guide to determine the green speed instantly
Tapered Ramp End

Ensures the ball rolls smoothly off the ramp onto the green surface

Quality Craftsmanship Smooth ramp surface allows reliable, repeatable, consistent measurements

"The Green SpeedReader has to be one of the best inventions for golfers in years. Finally, I have something that tells me the speed of every green!  It's a 'must have' item in your bag!"-  Anthony Scavo- Amateur Golfer  Atlanta, GA

No risk to try it!

  Lifetime GUARANTEE on quality & craftsmanship**
  Return it for a FULL refund or exchange.
  Guraranteed to save you strokes or your money back!


"It's the first thing I use to teach all of my students about putting. I regularly see my students drop 5-8 strokes after just a few lessons. Just knowing the speed of the green alone has been extremely advantageous for my students."- 
Calvin Dean- Golf Instructor  Greensboro, NC


 Measure changing green speeds throughout the day
 Match putting strokes to golf green speeds
 Practice your putting at home with golf drills
 Learn the variables influencing green speeds
 Save strokes with more knowledge and comprehension
 Master the greens with professional putting speed control

"I use it almost every day to practice my 'reference' speed at home. When I started, I was two-putting only about 25% of the holes. Now I'm regularly two-putting over 75% of the holes and immediately saved 6-7 strokes per round in just two weeks!"-

Scott Weimers- Amateur Golfer  Jacksonville, FL

Designed and affordable for the regular golfer!

  Perfect gift for any experience level
  Ideal father and son teaching aid
  Measure & objectively learn the art of the two-putt!

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Greens SpeedReader


Greens SpeedReader:
Mastering the art of the two-putt



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