Golf Green SpeedReader: Learning new green speeds


The Goal: Mastering different golf green speeds

If, after developing your backswing lengths for one green speed, you want to try to develop standardized backswing lengths for another putting speed, use the same techniques and drills that you used previously. The more you can fill out your Backswing Length Card, the more accurate and prepared you will be on the golf course.

REMEMBER: Use the same putting tempo each time you try to determine a new backswing length to use for a new green speed. Use your same personal "tick--tock" tempo in your mind each time you practice a different putting distance.

The specifically designed golf drills can be used as well to develop muscle memory and feel for the new surface speed you are trying to commit to memeory.

Ideally, a new speed should be learned on a surface that can be consistently repeated over time. Repetition over time is the only true way to develop any significant muscle memory for any backswing putting stroke for specific speed. However, many of us only play at one course and therefore generally only see the same green speeds used by that golf course.

If this is your case, you can still learn different green speeds two ways.

1) You can practice on the putting green on different times of the day. You will find that your local golf greens can change by a couple of readings throughout each day depending on a number of variables. Measuring and practicing the putting greens in the morning compared to the middle of the afternoon should yield different results, and is another example of why knowing and learning the golf green speeds is so important.

2) If you can find a consistently sloping area of the practice green, you measure either the upslope or downslope speed of the slope and practice on the slope as if you were actually playing on a different green speed. This is a fantastic way to learn how dramatically a different green speed will affect the distance a putt will roll.

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