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 Golf Green SpeedReader
Mastering the two-putt


The personal Stimpmeter and golf teaching tool for learning
golfing fundamentals & proper putting speeds

Measure and learn green speeds! 

NOTE: Designed as a portable   
version of the Stimpmeter and 
for training. It may or may not   
be approved for use on the greens 
   during tournament play.  
   Recommended use is for home
   training, pracitce greens, and   
   during recreational play.

What is a Golf Green SpeedReader?
Portable golf putting aid: learn to read every golf green speed like the pros!
Created as a personal, portable  
Stimpmeter for regular golfers,
additional designs by golf

instructors allow it to double
        as an effective aid for  
        teaching any golfer the most
        important skills in putting:
        putting speed control.

Why should I care about golf green speeds?

Learn vital & essential fundamentals, professional secrets, & free golf tips!
Golf instructors realize that
to break 100, 90, or 80, any
golfer must master the one
area where the most strokes
are lost: the short-game.
      The fact that almost half of
      golf is played on the greens,
      mastery of putting speeds is
      an easily attainable, but
      crucial step in this process.

Could it benefit my game?
   Stop practicing numerous irons and drivers. Focus on fifty percent of your game: putting!
Green speeds change all day,
and most golf courses don't  
have time to provide golfers
with updated speeds. The 
Golf Green SpeedReader allows
       any golfer to easily determine
       the speed of any golf green. It
       also provides golfers with a way 
       to develop personalized putting  
       strokes for different green speeds.

What advantages will I gain?

Measure golf green speeds, master the varaibles that change putting speeds, and quickly lower golf scores with a golf training aid for the regular golfer!
Like the pros, precisely know
the current green speed 
whenever you want. Learn
how to adjust your putting 
speed so it matches the 
          green speed you are playing.  
          Learn how to accurately adjust      
          for slopes, distances, and
          enviromental factors. Learn
          at home and before you play!         

Guaranteed to save you strokes 
or your money back!

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*Professional golf instructors looking for the latest uses or tips for the 2010 Golf Green SpeedReader can access the special golf instructor page by clicking the following link. Please continue to share your latest ideas and uses with us so we may continue to share them with other instructors and customers.



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